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Connection, Growth, Exploration, Sustainability

Canopy Forest School

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We believe in providing a classroom with no walls. Where the sky is the limit. Nature is the teacher and imagination, play and discovery the curriculum. Self-esteem, well-being, deep connections and a sense of wholeness and joy are the learning outcomes.

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Canopy Forest School
has been created  

  for children who are looking for

deeper connection with nature. 


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An Experiential Educational Approach

The six principles on which the Forest School programme is based, is a framework of pedagogy, and not a static, step by step process of working. These principles were agreed by the UK Forest School community in 2011.

The six principles are based on a variety of educational theories and methodologies and are central to our approach, ethos, core values and mission statement at
Canopy Forest School.  

Each Forest School session will always vary in form and content as it will be adapted to suit the learners, season, weather and emotional variations of the group.  

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A Quote From Sarah Blackwell founder of Archimedes Earth Forest Schools

“Woodlands and wild spaces are the most inspirational, life affirming and radiant places on earth. They provide us with tantalizing adventures, physical challenge, visual delights, roaring orchestras of sound, olfactory explosions and gustatory banquets.........


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Canopy Forest School is

an Archimedes Earth Trained Forest School and follows the framework and principles of the Archimedes programme

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