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Our Forest School Site at Chandler's Ford Infant School

Connection, Growth, Exploration,

Our Forest School site is situated in the grounds of Chandler's Ford Infant School. The site is made up of mostly hazel trees and part of the Forest School role is to promote and teach sustainable woodland management to the children. 

Maps of the site

The Fauna and Flora at this site

Learning about the wildlife that inhabits the eco-system of our Forest School site is an important aspect of our teaching and learning. The participant’s interactions and relationship with a woodland space will be the corner stone for all of the work, learning, play and self-development which will take place.
"The ethos and principles of
Forest Schools are rooted
in human beings’ close
association with nature” 
(Blackwell, c1988-2020)

 The powerful connections we make with our environment  is known as "Environmental Identity".

At Canopy Forest School we  learn to identify and learn the key characteristics of our woodland ecosystem. We also learn how to make positive, long term impacts which will support the health of the site.

No one will protect what
they don’t care about;
and no one will care about
what they have never experienced”

(David Attenborough)




Download a copy of our Fauna and Flora  inventory to find out more about the wildlife on this site.

Download our report on the success of our first three year cycle of  sustainable woodland development plans