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Session Information for Merdon Junior School

We have 12 spaces available for any Year 3 children who wish to attend our after school club at Merdon Junior School.

To make sure that all students are happy and want to commit to our Forest School sessions we offer one free session to any new participants and then session blocks to enable small, consistent groups.

Food and a snack will be available each week and it is essential that children bring a warm change of clothes and waterproof top, bottoms and wellies each week.

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 Academic year


 Our Handbook and Benefit and Risk assessment documents for Merdon Junior School
which outline all of our working procedures and policies that guide our practice.  


Risk and Benefit Assessments

Half Term Dates

Red Maple Leaves

Autumn 1

This is a 6 week half term

12/9/23 -17/10/23

Beach in Winter

Autumn 2

This is a  6 week  half term


Snowdrop Flowers

Spring 1

This is a  5  week half term


Kids Playing Tug of War

Spring 2

This is a 6 week  half term.



Summer 1

This is a  6 week  half term


Yellow Flowers

Summer 2

This is a  7 week  half term


Ethical Banking

At Canopy Forest School we think it is important that every element of our business is true to our vision, ethos and mission. We therefore promote sustainability, through our own practices, through using green products and working with other green organisations. We have therefore chosen to run our business through an ethical bank account as we believe that this is one of the most powerful tools that any of us can use to change the world for the better.  

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