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What's On?

Our curriculum at Canopy Forest school is emergent, meaning it will observe and follow the needs, interest and fascinations of the group. Although the experiences and opportunities that we offer will develop and evolve organically week by week the seasons and the weather will inspire and influence us greatly. Below you will find some possible activities that we might explore each season. Please follow our social media platforms for weekly updates. 

Berry Branches

Autumn Activities

Autumn brings colour and change. New School classes, new friends and a new Forest School community. During the first six weeks we will be building up a holistic picture of each child to understand their needs, fascinations and Interests.

After School Club
  • Blackberry tie-dye

  • Autumn Leaf Crowns

  • Autumn Mobiles

  • Clay leaf prints

  • Making Autumn leaf bowls

  • Making door-mouse nest boxes

  • Log Hedgehogs

  • Den Building

  • Potato peeler whittling to make magic wands

  • Spider web weaving

  • Tree Planting

  • Autumn Shadows

  • Planting wild flowers for the spring


 Winter Activities

As the nights draw in and it gets colder, children will need to bring a torch and warmer clothing 

After School Club
  • Making Elder beads

  • Bird feeders

  • Bare trees printing workshop

  • Hibernation-Den building

  • Tracking Games- winter Footprint

  • Willow lanterns

  • Coppicing Hazel

  • Christmas gifts-Wooden Reindeer

  • Night walks

  • Scavenger hunts

  • Mud pies

  • Clearing the grounds ready for the spring


Spring Activities

Spring brings rain, new life and flowers and blossom

After School Club
  • Making bird nest boxes

  • Nature weaving

  • Photography workshop

  • Outdoor theatre

  • Learning useful knots

  • Knowing our trees and wild flowers

  • Wild garlic pesto/ plant power and foraging

  • Colour chart nature matching

  • Leaf printing

  • Measuring sticks

  • Beeswax wraps

  • Nature journals

  • leaf bunting

  • Planting summer bulbs

Child Reading in the Grass

Summer Activities

Summer brings longer hours of sunshine, warmer weather and an abundance of life 

After School Club
  • Giant Bubbles

  • Honey bee water stations

  • snail races

  • outdoor theatre

  • Camping adventures

  • Stick boats and rafts

  • making Felted nature bags

  • Making soothing salves

  • Fire lighting skills

  • Cooking on an open fire-popcorn

  • Flower fairies

  • magic potions

  • Story sticks

  • Making natural ink and feather quills

Play is a really important part of the Canopy Forest School experience. So we think it is important to outline what our main principles of play are.....   

Untitled design.png

Canopy Forest School also has created its own play policy. Please click on the link to read.   

The Three Skill Strands

The direct teaching of the three skill strands: shelter, fire and tools are interwoven with self discovery and exploration as participants learn to take controlled risks in a safe, non-judgemental, nurturing environment. Activities such as den building, tree climbing, learning knots, using tools, cooking and lighting fires help participants to become, healthy, resilient, creative and independent learners.

Working Tools
Renovation Tools


Build resilience, self-esteem, confidence and capability 

Camp Fire


Ignite curiosity and imagination

Closeup of freshly cut logs

Feel secure, part of a community, accepted and given a sense of belonging.  

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