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There is something magical about teaching and learning outside. I love my job and feel privileged to be able to offer Forest School sessions that inspire in others a love and respect for the Earth. 

Hello and welcome, my name is Emma and  I have been a primary school teacher for over 20 years. During my teaching career I have been fortunate enough to work in a wide variety of schools both in England Switzerland and Norway.  

Canopy Forest School was established in 2021 but the dream was born over 15 years ago when I spent 4 years teaching in Norway.  Working abroad taught me many things but above everything else it was the Scandinavian open air culture "friluftsliv" which really captured my imagination and changed my teaching pedagogy.


Since then my belief in the importance of taking teaching and learning outside has continued to be central to my work. It has led my practice as a teacher and as an outdoor learning coordinator. I have become skilled at developing links between outdoor learning and the curriculum and delivering teacher training.


In 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic my dream was finally given the space to grow and I had the chance to realign my stars. I enrolled on a level 3 Forest School Leadership course with "Archimedes Earth" and I have not looked back since. 



I am enthusiastic, creative and dedicated to connecting people with nature, helping them to develop practical, personal and interpersonal skills along the way.

Emma Clode 

Connection, Growth, Exploration, Sustainability

Camp Fire
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Meet the Team

Jo Streat is
our Forest School Assistant

Jo is a Primary School teacher with 10 years experience. She loves the outdoors and learning about nature. She enjoys wild swimming and walking and is interested in the healing power of nature. Jo is currently studying to become a level 3 Forest School leader with Hampshire Wildlife Trust.

About Canopy Forest School

The learning "Experience" that we offer is based within a natural environment and is founded upon an internal process of holistic development. Each session allows its participants to have the time and space to make their own choices, take controlled risks and express themselves creatively in a play-based  child-led way. Children have the opportunity to learn sustainable woodland conservation skills, natural woodland crafts and build self-esteem, confidence and resilience. 

Canopy Forest School has a relaxed atmosphere and a strong sense of community. Each Session is 2hrs long and run throughout the year so  that all seasons, weather and temperatures can be experienced.


We offer Children the chance to make meaningful connections with nature.

Connection, Growth, Exploration, Sustainability 

Axe in Tree Stump

The Benefits of Outdoor Learning

            “Let nature be your teacher.”   

          William Wordsworth

What makes Forest School unique is the emphasis on outdoor learning and having the freedom to explore the ever changing environment during a long term programme. 


Canopy forest school can make a difference in the following ways:

  • Builds confidence, self-esteem and self-belief

  • Social skills

  • Communication

  • Connections and community

  • Motivation

  • Develops team working skills

  • Promotes independence

  • Physical skills

  • Provides opportunities to take risks in a wild yet controlled environment

  • Provides opportunities to develop thinking skills and solve problems

  • Knowledge and understanding

  • Learning new skills and fosters creativity

  • Complements classroom and workplace learning where skills can be transferred

  • It is fun

A huge amount of research has been conducted about the benefits of Forest School.

Want to find out more?

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Connection, Growth, Exploration, Sustainability 

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